6 Fourth of July Activities for the Entire Family

The Fourth of July is commonly associated with beer, barbecues and fireworks. That said, there are also plenty of family-focused, kid-friendly activities that get everyone involved in the celebration. Here are six great Independence Day activities for the whole family.

  1. Carnival games: Create your own all-American fair by setting up some carnival games at a park or in your own backyard. From ring toss and balloon darts to DIY Plinko and Pin the tail on the donkey, there are all sorts of fun games that get kids and parents involved. 
  2. Arts and crafts: Appeal to your family’s creative side by engaging in some fun and patriotic arts and craft activities. You can make finger-painted T-shirts, Popsicle stick flags or 4th-of-July decorations for your front porch. 
  3. Soda bowling: Wrap several empty soda cans in red, white and blue construction paper, and set them up in the shape of a triangle on your porch or sidewalk. Then, give everyone in your family a chance to knock the pins down using wiffle balls. 
  4. Yard Twister: Create your own outdoor twister mat by painting colorful circles on your backyard grass. You can create stencils by cutting holes in a poster board. Then, use ground-marking spray paint to create the circles. Just be sure to use ground-marking spray paint instead of ordinary oil-based paint, which will damage your grass. 
  5. Giant Jenga: Instead of paying $100 for a giant Jenga game on Amazon, create your own by cutting 2 x 4 boards into several small pieces. Let the kids paint each piece in patriotic colors, before challenging the family to see who has the steadiest hands. 
  6. Make homemade Popsicles: While they may seem like an innocent indulgence, store-bought Popsicles are typically loaded with excess sugar that can land your child in the dentist’s chair. This Fourth of July, consider purchasing some Popsicle molds and making your own frozen treats out of your favorite fruit and some coconut water.