8 Tips to a Braces Friendly Halloween

Although it’s typically best to avoid eating too many sweets, most parents are willing to make exceptions for their children during Halloween. That said, if your child has braces, you should use extra care to avoid problematic sweets that can damage dental appliances resulting in pain and costly repairs. Here are some tips for a healthy Halloween holiday.

  1. Avoid problematic candy. In general, it’s best to avoid sticky or hard candies, since they are more likely to damage your child’s braces. Some of the biggest offenders include bubblegum, caramel, taffy, hard candy, jelly beans, licorice, candy corn, nuts, chewy candies, popcorn, caramel apples.
  2. Know which candies are ok. Fortunately, there are plenty of sweet Halloween treats that are much less likely to cause problems. These include Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Plain M&Ms, Kit Kats, 3 Musketeers, Hershey Bars & Hershey Kisses, Oreos & soft cookies and candy bars without nuts or caramel
  3. Fill up first. You can reduce your children’s cravings for sweets by making sure they have a full stomach before they trick or treat.
  4. Encourage trading. If you notice problematic treats in your child’s trick or treating bag, encourage him or her to trade with a friend or sibling.
  5. Have a backup plan. Consider keeping an extra bag of safe candy at home and swap out problematic candies for treats that won’t damage braces.
  6. Brush a little extra. On Halloween night, make sure your children spend some extra time brushing their teeth.
  7. Address problems as soon as possible. If you notice slight damage to your child’s braces, visit your orthodontist as soon as possible.
  8. Keep your dental appointments. Maintain regular checkups with your dentist and orthodontist to catch any potential issues early before they develop into painful problems, requiring costly treatments.