National Children’s Dental Health Month

Since February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, it’s a great time to address the importance of dental health for kids of every age. Here’s what you should know about this important campaign, along with some critical facts about childhood dental issues.

What Is National Children’s Dental Health Month?

Introduced by the American Dental Association, National Children’s Dental Health Month is a month-long, national health observance that brings industry stakeholders together to promote the benefits of good oral health in kids.

The observance includes key contributions from thousands of dedicated dental professionals, educators and health care providers, who all go out of their way to encourage good oral health habits. By raising awareness among parents, the ADA and its many members hope to curb recent trends which point toward poor dental health among many of America’s children.

How is Gentle Dental Celebrating?

At Gentle Dental, we pride ourselves on providing children with quality, safe, and friendly dental care all year long. We strive to ensure the entire family is at ease and comfortable during their appointment.

Our team understands that good oral habits start young and we’re here to help guide your kids through maintaining healthy dental habits. As part of our commitment to children’s dental health and to celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month, we will be holding a contest to win a children’s electric toothbrush bundle.

A Problem for Many Kids

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tooth decay is a far too common chronic health condition affecting countless kids in the United States. The CDC reports that 20 percent of kids between the ages of 5 and 11 have at least one untreated cavity, while 13 percent of adolescents suffer from some form of tooth decay.

Fortunately, tooth decay is preventable through daily brushing and flossing. Fluoride varnish a high concentration fluoride coating painted onto teeth can also be used to prevent about a third of decay in baby teeth. Dentists can also use sealants to prevent tooth decay for high-risk kids. In fact, the CDC reports that sealants can reduce decay in permanent molars by up to 81 percent for 2 years.

That said, the most effective way parents can prevent tooth decay in kids is to maintain regular checkups with their local pediatric dentist. This is the best way to catch minor issues before they evolve into serious problems, while also ensuring that a child’s mouth is developing properly.