Put a Smile on Mom’s Face for Mother’s Day: 6 Fun Kiddo-Approved Crafts

While some moms like to be pampered on Mother’s Day, others prefer to honor the occasion by spending quality time with their children. Here are some creative, kid-friendly crafts you can share with the entire family on this special day.

1. Make a water bottle piggy bank

Turn a water bottle on its side and carefully cut a slit at the top. Help your little ones glue on some colorful ears and eyes, using construction paper, buttons and other household items. Add a couple of nostrils to the cap to give your homemade piggy bank a nose. You can also use a coiled pipe cleaner to give the pig a springy little tail.

2. Create a tin-can wind chime

Start by painting your cans with colorful patterns. Once the paint dries, puncture small holes in the bottoms, so you can slip in some strings. Tie the end of each string to a toothpick to keep it from slipping back through the hole. You can then hang each can at varying levels from an empty picture frame. When you hang the frame outside, the cans will clank and clatter in the wind, while adding some decorative color to your front or back patio.

3. Make an indoor sandbox

Fill a large plastic bin with rice, oats, beans and other dried goods. Toss in a few plastic shovels and other tiny toys, and help your kids create roads, caves and castles.

4. Paint rock animals

This easy, inexpensive activity requires nothing more than paint and a few rocks. Start by cleaning your rocks thoroughly to ensure that your paint will adhere. Avoid using soap, which can leave residues that will keep paint from sticking. Once the rocks are clean and dry, spread them out on an old sheet or drop cloth. Hand out paint brushes and help your kids turn their rocks into colorful tigers, bears, chickens, elephants, pandas, cheetahs and more.

5. Make a scrapbook

Gather up your developed photographs and spend the day organizing them into a scrapbook. It’s an easy and fun way to preserve your family memories, especially if you let your kids call the shots on which pictures to include.

6. Make your own skee ball game

For this craft you will need some plastic clothes hampers, some cardboard boxes, duct tape and a few plastic balls. First, cut off the top of your box using a box blade. Next, remove one side of the box and then place the top inside so it is propped up diagonally to create a ramp. Fasten the ramp in place using duct tape. Once you have completed the ramp you can position it in front of your laundry baskets, which should be marked with varying scores based on distance and difficulty. The kids will have a blast rolling the plastic balls up the ramp and into the baskets; and you will have fun spending quality time with the ones you love.