4 Steps to the Perfect Wedding Day Smile

Whether you’re posing for the photographer or laughing with friends and family, your smile will be on full display during your wedding day. If you have chipped, cracked, crooked or discolored teeth, you can bet they won’t go unnoticed. Here are the best ways to get a smile you will be proud to flaunt on your big day.

Schedule an early consultation

If you want a spectacular smile for your special day, you should consult a smile specialist. Depending on your desire and expectations, it’s best to get the process started early, so you’re not racing to get a procedure right before the wedding. While some whitening treatments can be done in a day, you should usually allow at least two weeks. Visit a dentist as early as possible to learn about your options and ensure availability.

Get a cleaning

You would never wax your car without thoroughly washing it first. Get a professional cleaning from a dental hygienist before you schedule any whitening treatments. This will improve your results, while helping to uncover any areas that might need some extra attention.

Watch what you eat

 It’s not uncommon for women to go on special diets before their weddings. That said, few consider how certain foods will impact their smiles. Choose raw fruits and vegetables, which are packed with fiber that acts as a natural abrasive and can help clean teeth. Avoid sticky and dark foods that can stain teeth, especially if you’ve recently had a whitening treatment. These include coffee, red wine, barbecue sauce and balsamic vinegar. There is also some research that suggests that white wine can indirectly promote tooth discoloration by creating rough spots that enable other darker beverages to cause stains.

Consider last-minute options

If you don’t have time for comprehensive dental treatments there are some things you can do to make your smile look better on your wedding day. Avoid wearing gold jewelry, which can bring out yellow tones. Wear sparkly earrings, which tend to make teeth look brighter. Darker lipsticks will provide good contrast, while lighter shades can accentuate tooth discoloration. If you have a minor flaw in your smile, such as a crack or stain, you can reduce its appearance in photographs by rubbing a small amount of petroleum jelly over your teeth. Sip smartly. Many brides would rather have yellow teeth than give up their morning coffee or latte. Fortunately, you can reduce the risk of stains by sipping these beverages through straws. You can also use this same strategy for wines and dark juices.