Why Now is the Best Time for Orthodontic Treatment

Demand for orthodontic treatment has skyrocketed during the pandemic. Now, it is easier than ever to complete orthodontic treatment in a discreet way. Between working for home, wearing masks more often, and limited exposure to the outside world, people are feeling more motivated to begin orthodontic treatment. Keep reading to learn more about why you should straighten your teeth.

Health Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment
Orthodontic treatment not only helps you achieve a beautiful smile, but also improves the quality of your overall oral health. Having well-aligned teeth helps prevent tooth decay, periodontal disease, and symptoms associated with temporomandibular (TMJ) disorders. By correcting your teeth, you can ultimately prevent cavities and decrease your risk of tooth wear and loss.

Orthodontic Treatment Options Available
The path to a straight smile is unique for every person. It’s important to talk to your dentist to understand the best option for you. The following three methods are highly effective and are commonly used to straighten teeth.

  1. Invisalign
    Invisalign works to straighten your teeth through a series of removable aligner trays. These trays are invisible and are replaced every one or two weeks to gradually shift your teeth. For the most effective results, Invisalign should be worn for more than 20 hours per day. Invisalign is best for patients dealing with crowded teeth, gaps between teeth, misaligned jaws, or crooked teeth. To see what your smile may look like after Invisalign treatment, check out Gentle Dental’s Smileview Simulator on your smartphone.
  2. Traditional Metal Braces
    Traditional braces are the most commonly used orthodontic appliance. With traditional braces, you will need to periodically visit your orthodontist to tighten your dental wire. Once metal braces are applied to your teeth, it can take between six months and two years (with an average of around 18 months) to achieve the desired result. Your specific dental condition will determine how long it will take for braces to correct your smile.
  3. Ceramic Braces
    Ceramic braces, also known as clear braces, are a great alternative to traditional metal braces and consist of clear or tooth-colored ceramic brackets that are attached to the surface of your teeth. The color of these brackets makes them appear almost invisible while they can accomplish the same results as traditional braces.

Final Word:
Now, more than ever, patients are deciding to invest in orthodontic treatment. Fortunately, the benefits of orthodontic treatment go beyond the aesthetic appearance of your smile. Straight, well-aligned teeth are easier to clean, and help you maintain a healthy smile for life. To learn more about the best orthodontic treatment for your specific dental condition, give us a call to book your appointment.