5 Fun Mighty Molar Activities for Kids


Since February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, there’s no better time to teach your child about the importance of good oral hygiene. These fun Mighty Molar activities are great tools for your young learner.

  1. Stringing Teeth
    In this activity, the only materials you will need are cardboard, construction paper, dental floss, and a large eye plastic sewing needle. First, make a tooth drawing on the cardboard and cut out the tooth to form a template. Next, encourage your child to trace around the tooth template on colored construction paper to make 20 additional tooth pieces. Once you cut out all 20 tooth pieces, use a plastic eye needle to thread dental floss through each paper tooth. After you string each tooth together to form a necklace, explain to your child why it is important to use dental floss on your teeth.
  2. Dental Health Play Dough
    When playing with play dough, you can’t go wrong! In this activity, show your child how to mold his or her play dough into the shape of a tooth or toothbrush. Use rolling pins, tooth cookie cutters, or a Play-Doh Dentist Kit to easily create the right shapes. Next, explain what a toothbrush is and why it is important for your teeth. Playing with play dough has many benefits for young children, including creativity, communication, and fine motor skills.
  3. Create a Model Mouth
    This model mouth is made of marshmallows, red construction paper, pink construction paper, and play dough. First, cut the pink paper into the shape of an open mouth, or a long rectangle. Next, cut out a circular tongue from the red paper and glue it onto the pink paper. You will then glue 20 marshmallows around the remaining pink perimeter. These marshmallows should be allowed to dry for at least one hour. Finally, smudge playdough onto your model’s teeth and ask your child to clean off the teeth. Encourage them to use a spare toothbrush and dental floss to gently remove the food particles.
  4. Learn to Brush Teeth With Eggs
    To teach your child the importance of brushing your teeth, try out this fun activity with eggs! First, soak hard boiled eggs in soda or apple juice for a few hours. This will stain the eggs, representing your teeth before they are brushed. Then, ask your child to take a toothbrush and scrub the outside of the egg. Explain to your child how certain food and drink can stain their teeth and how brushing your teeth keeps their smile clean.
  5. White Tooth Craft
    In this activity, your child gets to use a toothbrush to paint a yellow tooth white. All you need is a tooth template, yellow construction paper, tooth brush, white paint, and scotch tape. First, print your tooth template out and trace it on yellow construction paper. After you cut the tooth out and tape it to a piece of paper, ask your child to gently paint the tooth white with their toothbrush. Explain to your child how brushing their teeth will keep their teeth healthy for life.

Final Word: 

Since children learn through play, providing them with fun dental activities is a great way to teach them about oral care. Your young learner will love exploring and creating with these hands-on dental health activities. If you decide to try any one of these activities with your child, take a photo and use the hashtag #MightyMolar!