8 Games to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

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8 Games to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

To protect your child’s dental health now and well into the future, it’s important to establish good brushing habits as early as possible. Here are some ways you can make brushing more fun for your kids.

  1. Body brushing

    This silly game is a great way to get your kids to embrace brushing. Start by telling your young child it’s time to brush, but surprise him or her by pretending to brush in all the wrong spots. This includes the ears, toes, elbows and nose. Keep going until the child takes charge and instructs you on how it should really be done.

  2. Roleplay

    Turn the tables by picking up your toothbrush and refusing to clean your teeth. You could say, “I don’t want to brush my teeth and I hope there aren’t any dentists here who will make me!” Then, give your child a playful look as an invitation to play the role of a dentist. This will give him or her a chance to explain why and how to brush your teeth.

  3. Brush buddies

    You can inspire laughter and good brushing habits by pretending to brush the mouths of your child’s stuffed animals. Be sure to include a lot of funny responses, as the grumpy toys complain, spit and try to push the toothbrush away. This will add a playful element to the brushing experience and give your child a chance to play grown-up to his or her stuffies.

  4. Let them show you

    Examine your child’s toothbrush with a puzzled look and ask “What is this thing?” Is it an itsy-bitsy eyebrow brush? A shoe scrubber? A tool for cleaning between toes? Continue contemplating ridiculous uses for the toothbrush until your child finally stops laughing and shows you the correct way to use the mysterious utensil.

  5. Hunt sugar bugs

    Give your child a mission to hunt the “germies” or sugar bugs which have invaded his or her mouth. Play inspiring music and narrate the events as if it were a real-life movie.

  6. Tell a story

    Create a fanciful tale starring your child’s toothbrush. Give it a name, a voice and sidekicks, such as floss, toothpaste and mouthwash. Include a humorous storyline complete with villains, action and unique themes. Focus on the things your child likes most, whether that’s princesses, superpowers or outer space.

  7. Play copycat

    Have your child mimic your toothbrushing technique but keep him or her engaged by adding a few silly tricks. Brush your lips with the back of your toothbrush; blow on the bristles; or, argue with the brush for not doing a good enough job. Use your imagination to come up with all sorts of silliness to make brushing a fun experience.

  8. Play a song

    According to the American Dental Association, it’s important to brush for at least two minutes to eliminate plaque and prevent gum disease. To keep kids from rushing, play a fun song that lasts about two minutes. Keep things fun by encouraging them to dance a bit while they brush.

In addition to encouraging good brushing habits, it’s important to take your child for regular checkups with your local dentist to check for potential issues and make sure their teeth and oral structures are developing normally.