Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a popular cosmetic dentistry treatment that normalizes and improves the appearance of your teeth. Our teams of cosmetic dentists are experts in dental veneer treatment.

What is a Dental Veneer?

A veneer, sometimes also called a “laminate,” may be made of porcelain or resin, and is permanently bonded to your tooth. The number of veneers that you need depends on the current condition of your teeth as well as your aesthetic goals.

Why Might I Need a Dental Veneer?

If your teeth are discolored, misshapen, chipped, or different in length or width than your other teeth, dental veneers may be a good option for you. This treatment can significantly improve your smile while not interfering with your ability to chew and enjoy your favorite foods. In addition, the process of getting dental veneers is minimally invasive and done on an outpatient basis.

What is the Process Like?

Our staff of professional dentists will generally schedule two to three appointments. Your first appointment may be a consultation with one of our experienced cosmetic dentist. He or she can perform an assessment and let you know about your options.

After deciding on veneers, your dentist will remove some of the enamel from your teeth. From there, a model will be taken of your mouth and it will be sent to a specialty lab to have your veneers custom made for you. During your final appointment, the dentist will apply your veneers to your teeth.

What About Costs?

At Gentle Dental, we strive to be gentle on your wallet. After your consultation with the dentist, our staff will help you determine your best and most affordable option to meet your treatment goals. This may include your dental insurance, our in-house value or discount plans, major credit cards, and financing options.

How do I Make an Appointment?

Our office staff would be delighted to help you book an appointment for a dental veneer consultation. One of our cosmetic dentists can perform an assessment and let you know if veneers are a good option for you and can also present alternative treatments that can give you the smile that you want. Evening and weekend appointments are available, making office visits as gentle on your schedule as our dentists are while providing you with treatment.