5 Indoor Activities for This Spring

Families all over the world are getting creative with ideas for fun while still staying safe and healthy. Here are five indoor activities that are fun for the whole family:

1) Go Indoor Camping

 Spring is a great time to visit the countless scenic camping areas peppered throughout the country, but with many of them, closed families are trying a new tactic- indoor camping.  Take a tent and some sleeping bags out to your backyard or even in your living room. Sit around a portable fire pit or a pile of flashlights and sing camp songs together. Tell stories and try roasting marshmallows in the oven for a change! Encourage your kids to bring their stuffed animals along to add some wildlife to your camping adventure. 

2) Try a New Craft

Being stuck inside is an ideal environment for creating fun new crafts. You can turn kite-making, origami or painting into a memorable creative indoor activity. Craft artistic projects that include creative designs with flowers, animals and various objects with diverse colors. Take pictures of your finished products to preserve the experience. 

3) Dive into a Deep Sea Adventure

This virtual tour of Monterey Bay Aquarium allows kids to go on your through strategically placed webcams that allow them to watch sea creatures in real-time. Dive with the otters, play with the penguins and don’t forget to spy on the stingrays!

4) Explore Nature

Whether you’re venturing into the woods or spending the day at a lush local park, nature provides endless opportunities for education and enjoyment. But right now, we can’t actually get outside. Yellowstone National Park offers virtual tours of many of their incredible natural features, including Fountain Paint Pot, Mammoth Hot Springs, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and even a Mud Volcano. Want to see some of the most famous peaks in the US? Virtual Yosemite takes you deep inside the most-visited national park.

5) Have a Personal Restaurant

 Who says you have to go to a restaurant for delicious food. Order some groceries and have a themed food night. Night in Paris = go get some baguettes or crepes. Rome Cafe = pasta or pizza. Every night is an opportunity for your kids to use their imaginations and enjoy the time that they have inside.