Gentle Dental Begins 2nd Annual Holiday Food Drive

Christmas Family Dinner Table Concept

Gentle Dental is proud to announce its 2nd Annual Holiday Food Drive to support disaster relief efforts in local communities throughout the country.

Stretching from November 1st to December 20th, this year’s drive will include numerous participants, including employees, patients and community organizations. Last year’s event saw an outpouring of support from local offices, patients and the community at large. As a result, collection efforts yielded over 2,500 non-perishable food donations. This year, organizers have set a goal of 5000-plus food donations, which would result in an additional donation of $5000 in matching funds.

While the Holiday Food Drive is designed to benefit local communities, it is also a collective effort that spans multiple regions. According to Marketing Director Chris Smith, the annual drive has become such a successful event, because it involves the company’s staff and key members of several local communities.

“Our 2016 Holiday Food Drive was a big success for our community and our local dental teams,” said Smith. “Many of our local teams participated in local service projects at homeless shelters, soup kitchen and food pantries. We also had community organizations that were eagerly involved. Our Santa Clarita, California dental local even had the local Sheriff’s Office involved. We hope to continue this for years to come.”

In addition to Gentle Dental’s staffers and community leaders, the annual Holiday Food Drive is also supported by legions of caring patients, who go out of their ways to support the communities in which they live. Through selfless donations of nonperishable food items, participants can help support efforts to aid families, as they attempt to recover from the recent California wildfires, the devastating hurricane season and other unexpected disasters.

With a network of exceptionally talented and dedicated clinicians who offer convenient locations, evening and weekend hours, Gentle Dental is committed to patient well-being. This passion extends outward into the community with the Annual Holiday Food Drive and other noteworthy events. To learn how you can participate in this year’s event, check our convenient office locator to find the nearest local affiliate in your area. You can also donate directly to Feeding America’s natural disaster fund by visiting