Honeymoon & Dental Care Travel Kits

Your honeymoon should be a magical experience, filled with intimate experiences and emotional connections. To make sure nothing gets in the way of your special moments, it’s a good idea to prepare a dental hygiene travel kit to help keep your breath smelling fresh.

Preparing Your Kit

To keep odor-causing bacteria from proliferating within your mouth, it’s important to brush after meals. At the same time, you also want to make sure you have everything you need to clean your tongue and the spaces between your teeth.

Be sure to stock your dental care travel kit with the following essentials:

  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Tongue Scraper
  • Dental Floss
  • Mint mouthwash

You may also want to include some sugar-free mints, gum or strips, so you can keep your breath smelling fresh, when you don’t have an opportunity to brush.

Keeping Your Breath Fresh

To make sure you maintain fresh breath throughout the day, it’s important to avoid the things that can cause bad breath. By adhering to the following guidelines, you can prevent bad breath throughout important occasions, such as a job interview, first date and, of course, your one and only honeymoon.

  • Keep your mouth moist. Bacteria tend to spread quickly when your mouth is dry. Try to carry a bottle of water with you, so you can stay hydrated during the day. This is especially important if you take medications that promote dry mouth as a side effect. You should also drink plenty of water during meals to rinse food particles away.
  • Drink tea. Tea can help keep your mouth moist, while also killing some of the bacteria that cause bad breath. According to research, green tea has been found to reduce the development of volatile sulfide compounds generated through bacterial metabolism. This means it can help ward off bad breath until you are able to brush and floss.
  • Get a checkup. If you’ve been struggling with bad breath before your wedding, visit your local dentist for a checkup. According to American Dental Association, bad breath can often stem from undiagnosed gum disease. In some cases, bad breath could also be the result of another underlying health problem, such as a sinus condition, diabetes, gastric reflux, and liver or kidney disease. If you have noticed other strange physical symptoms in addition to chronic bad breath, see your healthcare provider.