Splurge On Your Oral Health This Year

While some people regard cosmetic dental procedures as unnecessary expenses, there’s good reason to think differently. When it comes to spending money wisely, research has shown that people enjoy big benefits when they invest in treatments that make their teeth healthier, straighter and whiter. If you’ve been hesitant to splurge on your smile, consider the following.

A Healthy Smile Brings Advantages

In a perfect world, people wouldn’t judge others based on their appearances. Unfortunately, in the real world, people tend to make snap judgments about others based on what they see.

According to surveys, teeth play a significant role in determining how others perceive us, both socially and professionally. If you don’t think your teeth matter, consider this:

  • People with straight teeth are 58-percent more likely to be judged as successful.
  • Nearly a third of Americans say they notice a person’s teeth when they first meet.
  • Nearly a quarter say teeth are the primary thing they remember after meeting someone.
  • 40 percent of people say they would not date a person who has crooked teeth.
  • Americans view people with straight teeth as happier, healthier and more intelligent.
  • People with straight teeth are considered 57-percent more likely to get a date, compared to people with crooked teeth.

Other research has shown that the color of a person’s teeth can also impact perceptions. One study found that people who have whiter teeth are 58-percent more likely to be hired, and 53-percent more likely to received larger salary offers. This same research showed that people tend to associate white teeth with trustworthiness and success.

Investing in Yourself

When they feel good about their appearances, people tend to project more confident attitudes in social and professional arenas. On the other hand, when they feel insecure about the way they look, people tend to be more passive and less social.

By investing in your smile, you can improve your confidence and self-esteem. At the same time, by scheduling regular checkups with your dentist, you can make sure that your teeth will be healthy enough to keep you feeling happy and confident decades into the future.