The Summertime Snack Guide to a Healthy Mouth

From ice cream and sodas to sports drinks and sugary daiquiris, there are all sorts of summer snacks that can harm our teeth. Fortunately, there are also a number of delicious and refreshing options that have been scientifically proven to support oral health. Here are some of the best things you can eat this summer to protect your teeth and gums.

Cranberries: These little red treats don’t just taste great; they may also help prevent cavities. According to studies, cranberries make teeth less adhesive, making it harder for the bacteria that cause cavities to attach to tooth surfaces.

Blueberries: Just a single cup of blueberries includes vitamins K and C, healthy fiber and cancer-fighting anthocyanins. Blueberries have also been found to inhibit the formation of cavity-causing bacteria known as biofilm by nearly 90 percent. Biofilm is the type of plaque that forms on your teeth, this plaque can lead to tooth decay and periodontal disease overtime.

Yogurt: A growing body of evidence suggests that yogurt supports oral health by protecting the gums, strengthening teeth and preventing bad breath. Add a few blueberries to your yogurt and create a delicious super-snack for your teeth.

Grapes: Grape seeds, skin and juice all contain a variety of polyphenols, including phenolic acids, resveratrol, flavonoids and anthocyanins, which have shown the ability to ward off oral cancer. Try freezing your grapes to create a sweet and refreshing summer snack.

Iced tea: A mountain of research has shown that green tea supports oral health in a number of ways. Particularly rich in health-promoting flavonoids, green tea has been shown to help prevent a variety of cancers, while limiting the growth of bacteria associated with periodontal diseases.Whatever the season, it’s important to maintain a healthy diet that will protect your teeth and gums now and into the future. You should also be sure to brush at least twice a day, floss once a day and schedule routine examinations with your local dentist to help catch minor issues before they become painful, expensive problems.