What to Do If You Don’t Have Dental Insurance and Need Dental Care


Dental insurance can significantly reduce the cost of care. According to the American Dental Association, about 34% of Americans aren’t covered by a dental insurance plan. So, what do you do if you need dental care but don’t have dental insurance? Here’s what you should know.

Should I Wait To Book Dental Appointments?

When you don’t have insurance, it can be tempting to put off dental care. This can lead to increased costs that can quickly become unmanageable. 

If you visit the dentist for a painful cavity, you can expect to pay around $200, depending on your region and the specific dental office. Unfortunately if, however, you wait, and the cavity leads to advanced decay and infection, you could end up having to pay up to $2,000 for a root canal and crown. When the decay becomes extensive, you could also end up losing the tooth and suffering bone loss, which could lead to even more expensive restorative treatments down the line. 

Look for Dental Care Specials

While some dental offices seek to maximize profit above all else, some strive to make quality dental care as affordable as possible. When searching for a local dentist, it’s important to be aware of your options, so you can get top-quality care at a price you can afford. 

To ensure that all patients have access to top-quality dental care, Gentle Dental provides a number of money-saving options. This includes new patient specials that provide discounts for exams and full mouth X-rays, along with services of $300 or greater not covered by insurance.

When to Visit the Emergency Room

If you have general health insurance and are experiencing a dental emergency your first instinct may be to get to the ER. But many ER’s are not equipped to deal with a serious dental emergency.

There are a few exceptions to this. Seek immediate medical attention if:

  1. If you have severe facial or oral trauma
  2. When you have broken your jaw
  3. If have symptoms of a severe dental infection such as a high fever, chills, and swelling

Otherwise, for typical dental emergencies, call us to determine the best course of action. Patients without insurance can also take advantage of Gentle Dental’s Dedicated Dental Plan, which includes valuable discounts for X-rays, preventative care and various necessary dental treatments. Gentle Dental can even help patients secure flexible financing for extensive dental treatments of elective cosmetic procedures not covered by insurance. This helps patients split up their out-of-pocket costs into affordable monthly payments.