Building Relationships For Life.

Building Relationships For Life.

Dental Service Organization with Excellent Practice Support

InterDent provides full service business and administrative support to dental practices so that the dentists can focus on the delivery of high quality clinical care and patient satisfaction and on achieving professional fulfillment. A Dental Service Organization (DSO) is an entity that provides comprehensive business and administrative support to dental practices. The main goal of a DSO is to allow dentists to focus on delivering high-quality clinical care and ensuring patient satisfaction, while the organization takes care of the non-clinical aspects of running a practice. InterDent supports nearly 400 dentists at 175 practice locations. Finding a reliable and skilled dentist near me is of utmost importance when it comes to maintaining optimal oral health. At our Dental Service organization, we understand the significance of providing convenient access to exceptional dental care. With a vast network of affiliated dental practices and professionals, we ensure that individuals can easily locate a dentist near their location. Whether it’s routine check-ups, preventive care, or specialized treatments, our organization is dedicated to connecting patients with highly qualified dentists who prioritize patient comfort and satisfaction. Through our commitment to excellence, we strive to make quality dental services easily accessible and convenient for everyone in need. Our highest priorities, focus and relentless pursuit of excellence are centered around the following principles:
  • Environments Optimized for Quality Dentistry

    InterDent is a Dental Service Organization focused on equipping dentists with administrative and logistical support that enables them to deliver the quality clinical services and patient satisfaction that their patients deserve. We support this network of exceptionally talented professionals who use the latest techniques and are committed to continuous and collaborative learning.
  • Great Patient Experience
    We know that successful dental practices build lifelong relationships with patients and the communities they serve. We affiliate with dentists and specialists who strive to make their patients feel respected and cared for, and we help them to ensure that patients are committed to maintaining and improving their oral health.
  • Convenience

    We support a large network of convenient locations, with evening and weekend hours, to make visiting the dentist easy and hassle-free. Most locations also offer specialty services on-site, and can usually provide same-day treatment. The practices that we support value the time of the professional staff as well as a patient’s time and work hard to accommodate their schedules as they juggle work, family and other commitments.
  • A Winning Team
    InterDent recruits for both clinical opportunities within its affiliated dental offices, and administrative opportunities at its corporate and regional support offices. Services include, but are not limited to, ongoing education and training, HR assistance for recruiting, onboarding, and benefits, as well as expert support for marketing, accounting, and call center management.

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InterDent recruits for both clinical and administrative opportunities within its affiliated dental offices and opportunities at its corporate and regional support offices.

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