Comprehensive Examinations

At SmileKeepers, we perform a comprehensive examination for every new patient. These exams include:

  • A visual exam and x-rays that allow our dentists to get a full understanding of your oral health. We are looking for cavities, weaknesses in crowns and fillings, as well as signs of gum disease.
  • An examination of your lymph nodes to check of signs of disease.
  • An oral cancer screening, which includes a careful evaluation of your mouth, gums, lips, and tongue.
  • Your dentist will also be on the lookout for signs of other health conditions, such as leukemia, diabetes, high or low blood pressure, or sinus problems.

How Often Do I Need a Comprehensive Dental Exam?

In addition to receiving a comprehensive exam during your first appointment with a new dentist, we also recommend one if its been more than three years since you’ve seen your dentist.

In addition, if you’ve experienced a major health condition since your last appointment, it’s a good idea to call our office to schedule an appointment. Your dentist will want to know about your condition and can help you manage or recover by assessing your oral health.

Why do we perform a comprehensive exam for every new patient?

We are committed to providing the best oral health care available. The initial visit offers us an opportunity to develop a baseline for measuring your oral health. If we notice changes throughout our relationship with you, we can advise you of our observations so that we can develop an effective treatment plan.

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