Bone Augmentation

Some procedures that can improve your smile depend on a strong, healthy jaw. If you have bone loss in this area, it may be necessary to strengthen your jaw through bone augmentation.

What is Bone Augmentation?

Bone augmentation is the process of rebuilding your jawbone, usually by grafting natural or synthetic bone to your jaw.

Why Might I Need This Procedure?

Dental professionals recommend augmentation when your jaw has become damaged due to periodontal disease, to encourage bone formation after you’ve had a tooth extracted, or to prepare your jaw for dental implants.

What is the Process Like?

The process depends on several factors, including whether you will be donating your own bone for the grafting procedure, and the size of the area or areas where the augmentation must take place. If you will be donating your own bone, you may have to spend a night or two in the hospital, depending on the site from which the bone is removed.

Once you’ve had the procedure, you’ll be provided with aftercare instructions, pain medication, and antibiotics. At SmileKeepers, our goal is to keep you comfortable during and after the procedure. Please talk to our staff if you have any concerns about pain control.

What About Costs?

The cost of treatment can vary, but our staff is happy to explain costs, alternatives, and payment options . you determine the most affordable solution. We accept most dental insurance plans, offer an in-house value or discount plan, accept major credit cards, and have financing options available.

How Can I Book an Appointment?

Generally, your regular dentist or a dental specialist will refer you for a bone augmentation procedure. Bone augmentation specialists work in our neighborhood offices, allowing you flexibility and convenience when making an appointment. As always, evening and weekend hours are often available.