Emergency Dentistry

Just as serious medical issues and accidents can occur during weekends, holidays, or evening hours, the same holds true for injuries to and illnesses of the teeth, gums, and jaw. For individuals who are unaware of the availability of emergency dental care, their only option is to suffer significant pain until they can schedule a regular appointment with their family dentist, find an emergency dentist, or to go to the ER.

The latter options can be very expensive, while waiting for an appointment with one’s regular dentist can result in unnecessary suffering and possible complications.

What is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency can involve any number of circumstances that result in significant pain, infection or risk of infection, as well as trauma to the tooth or its supporting structures. These may include, but are not limited to, cracked and broken teeth, mouth trauma that results in loosened or lost teeth, and broken or loosened dental fillings.

Why is Emergency Dental Care Important?

Getting emergency dental care is important for several reasons. The first is that there are situations in which a tooth may be more easily saved if it is treated early. Other reasons for getting quick emergency care are that you may be able to prevent an infection or treat one before it gets out of hand. Finally, you will want to get any pain under control so that you can continue to meet your family and work responsibilities.

How Does SmileKeepers Handle Emergency Dental Cases?

During office hours we will do our best to get you in for a same-day appointment. If necessary, you will also be able to speak to one of our treatment coordinators on the phone to receive any additional guidance as to what to do before you come in. If you are already a SmileKeepers patient, we also have after hours on-call service. Just call our office number and follow the prompts to leave a message for our on-call dentist. He or she will get back to you promptly.